Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Perkeso Health Screening only at Registered Panel Clinics

Today, I came across a friend who complained that a clinic do not accept her vouchers for screening under the Perkeso program. As I mentioned to her, the reason the clinic turned her down is because they are not part of Perkeso's Panel. In that sense, Perkeso won't pay them for all there is. That's why I created the panel listing so that she won't buta buta go to any clinics and "assume" they all do. Common, understand the term "PANEL CLINIC".

For those who have the vouchers, just know what you are being "screened" as well. Don't buta buta go. If there are clinics who ask you for payment for certain things, you have every right to call Perkeso and check with them before proceeding. Even though it's free health screening, doesn't mean you are being tested for 60 test. Also, you can't just do a blood test at Clinic A and then go to Clinic B for mammogram. You can only go to 1 clinic and then they will tell you what are your options for mammogram screening centres based on your preferred location. 


I also came across "Kliniks" who accepts patients "buta-buta" as they don't know that there are supposed to register with Perkeso first before proceeding to do the screening. And  there are also "those" who claim their are getting special rates etc from certain "  ". I don't think hospitals would risk themselves and their reputation to have special arrangements made. I also think it takes a level of maturity to know what is right and what is not right to do instead of trying to be "cunning" with profit only.

My personal view is that it all boils back down to "if you want to be part of  Perkeso's Heath Screening Program:

First, understand the terms and conditions involved. Then only be a Panel.

Second, understand the procedures and don't simply add own terms. The process flow is there. You don't know, just call Perkeso hunting line. DON'T expect hospitals to FOLLOW your OWN terms.

Third, if anything not right, don't complain. GO and CHECK with them (Perkeso) so that you know what you are doing is the correct flow. You want the business, you do the process as per their requirements. Else, don't do lah! Simple!.

Fourth, don't tell so and so that the process is hard and many paperwork etc. Like I've said, you want the business, you do as per Perkeso's terms and conditions. Period. If you have been an MD for quite some time, you will know how the "norm" works.

I hope my 2 cents is worth for all quarters. Think Before You Act.

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